We are looking at a potential Global Grant to assist Senitizo with providing medical equipment to the Central African Republic (CAR). 

Here are some additional details about what our proposed project would entail. The medical equipment needed at the maternal and child health center would be to provide primary health care. This would include:


Senitizo’s operations are centered on the provision of high-quality health services to Central Africans in need. Our operations are based out of the Central African Republic (CAR), whose government is unable to provide social services, and which has suffered from ongoing conflict and extreme poverty. Countries suffering from chronic humanitarian crises, like CAR, require a new way of providing humanitarian health services that ensures a higher quality of health services while minimizing the cost. By employing a new “locally-based, value for money” business model, Senitizo maximizes the impact of health activities and resource efficiency.

  •           Two delivery beds
  •           10 basic hospital beds for women and children receiving outpatient and short-term inpatient care
  •           Refrigerator for vaccinations
  •           Basic lab equipment including microscope, colorimeter or other hemoglobin measurer, and centrifuge.
  •           IV stands and related medical consumables
  •           Blood pressure gauge
  •           Autoclave or other machine for disinfection and sterilization
  •           Infant scales and related tools for measuring growth and identifying malnutrition
  •           Medical waste incinerator
  •           Maternal health tools, including partograph, speculum, forceps, clamps, stethoscopes