As Scott Mercer discussed last week; here is the information for the Grants Management Seminars. Everyone is encouraged to attend.
I am pleased to announce the Grants Management Seminars for the 2020-21 Rotary year, and REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!
If your club has thought about sponsoring a District or Global Grant, the Grants Management Seminar (GMS) is a must attend!  For your club to be qualified to sponsor a grant, one of the main contacts of the grant is required to attend a GMS.  Even if your club doesn’t plan to sponsor a grant in 2020-21, I’d encourage you to have someone attend a GMS…you never know if a need arises, and it’s a great way to understand the process for the future.
This year, we have added a few new features:
  • A Grants Management Seminar online refresher course: if you (a member, not just someone from the club) has attended a GMS in one of the past two years, you can attend this webinar to cover the important features for this year.
  • We have added Global Grant Workshops for two reasons: 1) to gear the GMS more towards District Grants (and thus not having to cover so much information), and 2) to be able to help create a deeper understanding for Global Grant sponsors.  If you are going to sponsor a Global Grant, YOU MUST ATTEND both the GMS and Global Grant Workshop.
Here are the details for the 2020-21 Grants Management Seminars and Global Grant Workshops:
Date: Saturday, April 4
Grants Management Seminar
Global Grant Workshop
Date: Thursday, April 16
Online GMS Refresher (Attendee Lists: 2018-19, 2019-20)
Date: Thursday, April 30
Grants Management Seminar
Date: Thursday, May 7
Global Grant Workshop
Date: Thursday, May 14
Grants Management Seminar
CLICK HERE for more information about the Grants Management Seminars.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 612-382-3168 or or Grants Team Leader Margie Horning at 651-428-1740 or