Speaker Date Topic
Dr. Paul Spilseth Jun 02, 2022
"The Virus, Pandemics, and Immunity"

Dr. Spilseth is a recently retired E.R. physician.  He will speak to our club about what he has learned about viruses during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Rebekah Chamberlain Jun 16, 2022
Emotional Justice Foundation

"Our foundation supports individuals removing themselves from abusive situations through carrying part of the burden of legal fees, giving our beneficiaries the freedom and support to pursue their own healing, while rebuilding their lives."


Robin Anthony Jul 07, 2022
President Address and Rotary Scholarship Award Winners
Tom Thiets Jul 21, 2022
Meals From The Heart


Laurann Kirschner Aug 18, 2022
Bridge to Books

The Stillwater Rotary is one of the Founding Supporters of this non-profit which provides free books to kids ages 0-5.  Visit the website to learn more!


Cheryl Holt Sep 01, 2022
River Valley Riders

Cheryl Holt is the Executive Director of River Valley Riders.