2013 (6th Annual) Hank Sampson Memorial Award Winner
This year’s recipient has been a member of our club for 17 years.  During that time she’s actively participated on a variety of committees, has served as President, a board member, chaired committees, is a multiple Paul Harris fellow and is a sustaining member of the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
She is very conscientious about her commitment to Stillwater Rotary, is always one of the first to volunteer to serve, contribute financially, or support the club activities in a variety of ways to honor her membership responsibilities. 
She has actively participated in the Sampler, Rain Garden Service, and is a Relay for Life supporter.  This past year, she also had an attendance record of 92.16%, or 47 out of 51 meetings. That’s the highest % of all non-board member, non-senior-excused members in our club!
Most recently, she has stepped forward to resurrect and lead our club’s Youth Exchange program in conjunction and partnership with Lake Elmo and Sunrise Rotary clubs, which this coming year entails, amongst other responsibilities, coordinating the enlistment of families to host our exchange student from France.
As club President I appreciated that I could turn to her for advice and counsel and count on her experience, support and candor.   
Her devotion and contributions towards the mission and ideals of Rotary are significant, consistent and sincere and we are proud to present the 2013 Hank Sampson memorial award to Lori Johnson!