2012 (5th Annual) Hank Sampson Memorial Award Winner
This year’s recipient has been a member of our club for 8 years.  During that time he’s actively participated on a variety of committees, is a multiple Paul Harris fellow and a sustaining member of the Every Rotarian Every Year program.
He has 3 active children and owns his own business which requires a significant amount of his time, including travel which sometimes keeps him from Thursday club meetings.  However, he is conscientious about his commitment to Stillwater Rotary and does not shirk from his membership responsibilities. 
He spends countless hours as chair of the program committee.  Many of us arrive each week and expect a wonderful program, but few of us realize the amount of coordinating, scheduling and last-minute replacements that happen behind the scenes by the committee. 
He’s been a member of the ninth grade essay contest committee, since its inception I believe. The committee’s work includes visiting local schools to explain the contest, collecting and grading the essays, and culminates with a not-to-be-missed program where we meet and hear from the winning youth who have written about a hero in their lives who represents the Rotary ideals from the 4-way test.
In fact, the Program Committee and Essay Contest Committees are the 2 committees that meet regularly and without prompting from the Board. 
As club President I appreciate his candor and know that he only copies me on items I need to know about.   
His devotion to program is significant and very well done, and we are proud to present the 2012 Hank Sampson memorial award to Rex Cattanach!