Background and update on Tanzania project.
29 May 2018: Reconciliation
I was asked to share at morning prayers today and as our center is name Reconciliation Center we explored the meaning of 1 Cor 5:18 in the middle of South Sudan.  “All this is from God who has reconciled us to himself through Christ Jesus and gives to us the ministry of reconciliation.”  We are called first into a new and reconciled relationship with our Creator and in turn we are to become God’s reconcilers in a broken world.  The Reconciliation Community Center and Clinic is called to be a special place of reconciliation.  It’s staff embody reconciliation as they come from many tribal groups.  We offer hope and healing to all who enter these hallowed grounds of reconciliation.
30 May 2018: Miracles
Third day of operating.  The third day of miracles.  When we arrived at the Centre, a rainbow was blessing the bell tower.  We have operated on 8 patients the first two days and all but one are now cured and she will need another operation at the end of the week to take care of her!  What an amazing room of joy we meet now as we come into our makeshift ward each morning after prayers.  Pastor Matthew spoke today in morning prayers.  A man with an interesting background, he was first a refugee in Cairo and later a Bible School student in Nazareth in Israel.  He spoke to the miracles he was seeing in the lives of the women we serve and how his understanding had changes about miracles only being of the spiritual world but of the medical world as well. 
Agong is one smiling woman this morning as we make rounds.  Almost giddy with her joy at being dry after 4 years of incontinence.  She suffered from a prolonged labor 4 years ago, lost the baby, and began leaking urine.  Four months ago another surgeon operated on her but the operation failed and she was deeply depressed.  But today, she is nothing but smiles.  Here she is with our nurse Noela Richards and Dr. John Sabit, the medical director of the Reconciliation Lutheran Primary Health Care Unit.