We have embarked on, and been approved for, a Global Grant to support Stillwater native, Ted Hooley and his non-profit organization, Senitizo, on a project supporting Maternal and Child Health and Mortality in the Central African Republic.
This project will support the purchase of needed health equipment necessary to begin providing primary health care at the targeted health facility, including:
  •          Hospital beds for the maternal and pediatric wards of the health center
  •          Two delivery beds where women can safely and comfortably deliver under the supervision of skilled medical professionals
  •          Neonatal resuscitation table which provides a place for life-saving resuscitation for newborns in distress and allows medical               staff to control and monitor body temperature in the hours after birth
  •          Laboratory diagnostic equipment needed to identify parasitic and other infections
  •          Refrigerator/freezer and cold boxes for the safe transport and storage of child vaccinations
  •          Autoclave to sanitize all reusable medical equipment at the clinic
  •          Medical waste incinerator to ensure infectious materials are disposed of properly of on site
  •          Midwifery tools necessary to aid in the safe delivery of a baby at the facility, including forceps, scissors, stainless steel basins,             vacuum extractor
  •          Placenta pit to dispose of hazardous biological waste
In addition to medical equipment to be installed in the health center, this project will fund an ambulance for the transport of women in labor to the health facility and referral of obstetric emergencies to the closest hospital.