Apr 22, 2021
David L. Trauger, PhD

Will Erv Neff introduce?

Good Afternoon, Patty, I will be pleased to participate in one of your zoom meetings. Considering the dates proposed, I would like you to consider April 22, which is Earth Day, an appropriate date to discuss the Environment. To aid in my preparation for this meeting, I would like to receive a little more information about your expectations for my talk. I understand that the meeting is from 12-1 PM and that you are interested in where environmental science should focus going forward in the future. I trust that you appreciate that this topic represents complex subjects including a diversity of issues. I would appreciate your assistance in focusing my thoughts on what specifically would be most helpful to you in a one-hour discussion. My research encompasses a broad range of issues related to biodiversity conservation, global climate change, human population, including complex issues related to implications of ecological footprints and impacts of population, energy, and economic policy on natural resources management and sustainability. 

David L. Trauger, Ph.D.

14866 Old Marine Trail North

Marine on Saint Croix, Minnesota 55047