Aug 05, 2021
David Yorks
"The Warren Commission Report: Fact or Fiction"

From: David Yorks []

My name is David Yorks and I would like to offer myself as a complimentary guest speaker at one of your upcoming Rotary meetings. Since many Rotary Clubs and other civic organizations are returning to live, controlled meetings, I would like to be available to your Rotary Club. I am a life-long Lake Minnetonka resident and a retired Minnesota small business owner, with extensive public speaking experience. I graduated from the University of Minnesota and have a Master’s Degree in American History with an emphasis on the Cold War Era. Since I am interested in the John Kennedy presidency, I have developed a twenty-five-minute presentation regarding the issues surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy. The title of my talk is, "The Warren Commission Report: Fact or Fiction". In this presentation I focus on the major discrepancies between the 1964 Warren Commission Report, which investigated the Kennedy assassination for ten months and the report from the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassination in 1979, which investigated the assassination for thirty-one months. My talk is not political, and I have nothing to sell. I have presented this talk to many Rotary Clubs, including the Bloomington Rotary Club and the Waconia Rotary Club and received many positive reviews.