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Don't forget to sign up for the annual Rotary Picnic on June 27th!  More information below.
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Jun 13, 2019
Update on Zephyr Theatre
Jun 20, 2019
Opera for Stillwater
Jun 27, 2019
Club Picnic
Jul 04, 2019
Jul 11, 2019
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Jun 06, 2019
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Last Week's Program


Last week's speaker was Shelly Christensen 

She spoke on her freshman year in the Minnesota House of Representatives, love of the community, dedication.



Roadside Cleanup
The roadside cleanup was on Monday, June 10th at 4:00pm
Thank all the volunteers for their service!
Club Picnic
The annual club picnic is scheduled for Thursday, June 27th at  6:00pm at Washington Square Park.  Please join us for an evening of food and drinks, fellowship, and fun! 
You and a guest are invited to our annual picnic on June 27 at 6 pm. The picnic will be held at Washington Square Park. Dinner will be served followed by a brief program. Please sign up here so we have an accurate count of who will attend (Note: Please sign up for yourself and your guest). We hope many of you can attend as it is a great night for fellowship and to celebrate the work we do as Rotarians. 
Pete Clements will be our bartender for the evening. If you have specific requests, please let him know. We will be taking up a collection (separate from sergeant-at-arms) for the next two weeks to go toward purchases for the bar, so please bring some cash to contribute if you can.
Congratulations to Suzannah Stulberg-Rudesill on the birth of her son!  
Steven Douglas Rudesill (Stevie) was born 3 weeks early on March 11th.  Suzannah enjoyed a wonderful 12 weeks at home with him.  Here are a few photos - one when he was just born and one taken last week.  
Youth Exchange 
Our club will be hosting a student from Mexico for the next school year!  Her name is Jimena and she is 17 years old.  She enjoys playing tennis, piano, and meeting new people to learn about their cultures, cuisines and experiences.
We will need three host families - each will host for a 3 month period.  We will also need a female club counselor to advise her.  If you know anyone who is interested, please contact Lori Johnson at or during a club meeting. 
Committee List

Stillwater Rotary Club Yearly Committees 2019-2020



Chair: Tom Triplett

Members: Bev Driscoll, David Wick, Jim Bradshaw, Molly O'Rourke, Peter

Clements, Shannon Enright, Ted Wegleitner



Chair: Lori Johnson

Members: Tom McCarty



Chair: Scott Mercer

Members: Bob Eiselt, Gretchen Stein, Jerry Maier, Katie Bang, Patty Radoc,

Sini Stjernsward Ross, Tracey Galowitz



Chair: Bill Turnblad, Sally Anderson

Members: David Wettergren, Katie Bang, Katie Rolf, Patty Radoc, Peter Polga,

Rex Cattanach, Roger Smith



Chair: Scott Mercer

Members: Bev Driscoll, Bob Eiselt, Denise Pontrelli, Ed Jones, Jeff Robertson,

Jim Schug, Keith Komro, Merilyn Cummings, Molly Landgreen, Shannon

Enright, Tom McCarty



Chair: Gretchen Stein, Sharon Hollatz

Members: David Palmer, Jason Howard, Jim Bradshaw, Katie Rolf, Molly

Landgreen, Steve Keister



Chair: Bill Turnblad

Members: David Peterka, Jerry Maier, Lori Johnson



Chair: Thomas Hollatz

Members: Gretchen Stein, Kathleen Elbert, Katie Bang, Lois Conn, Molly

Landgreen, Patty Radoc, Robin Anthony, Sharon Hollatz, Tracey Galowitz



Chair: Thomas Hollatz, Robin Anthony

Members: Katie Rolf, Keith Komro, Lois Conn, Patty Radoc, Peter Polga,

Roger Smith



Gretchen Stein, David Wettergren, Tracey Galowitz, Rex Cattanach

100 Year Celebration
Thursday, October 10, 2019
JX Event Venue
Stillwater Rotary turns 100 this year! 
Please watch the Cogwheel and listen for updates at the weekly meetings - the club will be looking to fill committee assignments soon.    We hope to have 100% involvement as we plan this milestone event! 
Sign Up Sheet for Greeters
The Sign Up Sheet for Greeters is located at:
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Mitch Noah
June 3
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June 4
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June 27
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June 27
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June 5
Robin Anthony
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June 10
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June 11
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Jeanne Riley
June 15
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June 19
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Sara Wagner
June 23
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June 5, 2014
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June 5, 2014
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June 16, 2016
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June 17, 1986
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