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I am thrilled to be starting my term as President of the Stillwater Rotary!
This Week's Meeting
We are having an in-person meeting this Thursday at the Lowell Inn.  Weather permitting we will be out on the patio, there will be an inside back up plan if needed.
Also, members of the Lake Elmo Rotary club would like to attend our in-person meeting next week on 9/24 to make an announcement about their fundraiser on October 11th.  They will have raffle tickets for sale for $20 each. You may want to bring some cash to purchase tickets. 
Don't forget news/dollars for Sargent-at-arms!!


Last week's meeting
Pam Mehlin provided information about the prevalence of dyslexia and solutions for students, which led to an informative discussion.
Progress on Polio
October is Polio awareness month.  Let us enjoy the progress, but work on continuing the battle.
The Star Tribune reported that: "As of Aug. 25, it is official. The World Health Organization African Region has been certified free of the wild poliovirus. . . .

Each partner has an important role, including Rotary International, which has been a key partner in the GPEI from the start. Rotarians have raised over $2.1 billion for polio eradication since 1988, including matching funds from the Gates Foundation, which matches every dollar raised by Rotarians 2 to 1, up to $50 million per year.

While Rotarians have been traveling around the world for many years to participate in National Immunization Day (NID) events, even a large group of Rotarians can only vaccinate a fairly small number of children. Their most important role when they take part in a polio eradication campaign is to bear witness to the incredible work being done by Rotarians, national health workers and volunteers across the globe."

To read the full article click on the link below.

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