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This is an excerpt from a StarTribune article dated April 22, 2017

North/East metro briefs: Molly O'Rourke gets high marks for leadership of Washington County

Administrator Molly O’Rourke has received high marks for her skill in leading the Washington County government workforce, said Commissioner Lisa Weik, chairwoman of the County Board.   The board conducted a closed-door annual review of O’Rourke’s performance on April 4.


Weik said the board applauded O’Rourke for building relationships and partnerships across the county and in the community. Commissioners also commended her for maintaining the county’s high bond rating, for positive responses received on the county’s residential survey, and for efficiencies she has introduced to county business practices.

Also noted was O’Rourke’s respect for others, her ability to hear all sides of a situation and the strong leadership she provides to the county’s department managers.