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Rotary District 5960 Monday Musings

Notes from District Governor, Marlene Gargulak, 2015-2016

October 11-17, 2015

Greetings Rotarians,

On 24 October, Rotarians, clubs and districts around the world will come together to

fight polio. Register today for End Polio Now: Make History Today Livestream event to

receive a global update on the current status of polio eradication, hear inspiring stories,

and performances.

The event will begin at 18:30pm CDT and will be streamed live at

I encourage your club/district to have a viewing party for the event, or incorporate it into

your existing World Polio Day plans. Invite local government officials and use this

opportunity to encourage them to support the global commitment to a polio free world. On

World Polio Day, wear your End Polio Now pin and encourage your friends and family to

do the same.

Resources to help you spread the word about your World Polio Day event can be found

on The materials include:

• Sample Tweets and Facebook posts

• Graphics for posting on social media and online

• Tools to help you reach out to local media

• Tools to help you engage local political leaders with World Polio Day

Before or after World Polio Day, consider sharing your polio story or event photos.

If you are unable to watch the event live, consider viewing the recording at your next

club meeting and discussing how you can help fulfill Rotary’s promise of a polio free world.

You can also make an impact on World Polio Day by contributing to PolioPlus. Remember

that your contribution will receive full recognition points and – better yet – it will be matched

two-to-one by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Contribute today.

We are 99% of the way to a polio-free world – truly, “this close” to eradicating polio forever.

Help us get closer by spreading the word about our fight to End Polio Now with our

communities and the world.

For more information go to: and register. (Account name: future Login


October 14, 2015: Blaine Ham Lake Rotary

Doug Johnson is the president of the Blaine

Ham Lake Rotary Club. This active, engaged and

successful club received the Presidential Citation for

2014-2015 and is an EREY Club (Every Rotarian-

Every Year) During session this club feels like a

family in action.

Blaine Ham Lake Rotary Club’s most successful

fundraiser is a GOLF EVENT. This club’s

FACEBOOK page is one of their Best Practices. It is

complete, and up to date on all activities and filled

with photos and dates of events. (See photos on left)

This club has an active STRIVE program. New

concept for the students will be to attend a get-toknow-

you breakfast at the beginning of the school

year and a banquet at the end to award scholarships.

Internationally the Blaine/Ham Lake club has

traveled to Guatemala to help Common Hope with

hospital and school projects and teamed up with

Maria Pacheco and the Wakimi Project to help with

economic development and the empowerment of

women, helped out the El Amor De Patricia

orphanage and mentored coffee farmers.

Members volunteered when the Convoy of Hope determined a pocket of need and set up a

street of vendors to offer free groceries, clothing, family portraits, hair cuts and basic supplies,

including shoes, clothing, health screening and more.

Dennis Bakken was installed as a new member. When

asked: Why did you choose Rotary? He responded with

this comment: “ I had searched a lot of groups to see what

would be a good fit, not for what they could do for me, but

where did I feel I could serve the most and be humbled.

Looking in my back yard has not occurred to me as I

originally was looking for the best referral business in a

specific area. When I walked into the Blaine/Ham Lake

Rotary (my 3rd location to look at) I was immediately friended

by Becky and her heart. With the pledge and a prayer, I

knew I was where I was supposed to be. The company I’m

with has very strong values as does the Rotary.”

Check these stories on Blaine Ham Lake Rotary Club's

Facebook Page

Noel Lutsky, DG Karel Weigel, Doug Johnson Presentation

of the Presidential Citation

October 21: North Branch Rotary

The Rotary Club of North Branch is a service club made up of business professionals to

promote community and international causes in the North Branch area.” Brandon Lindahl is

the President of the club.

The North Branch Rotary Club held its 13th annual Glow Ball Golf

Tourney in August. Proceeds are used to support STRIVE

scholarships. To date, 22 students applied to participate in the

STRIVE program. (Best Practice) Activities for the STRIVE program

include taking the students to a secondary education facility, meeting

the admissions person and a tour of the college. Each mentor is

encouraged and supported to keep in contact with the student other

than at the regular scheduled times with Strive. Following up with the

student provides building of a stronger relationship.

Other fundraisers include the annual

Glow Ball Golf, held in August. Night

golfing is lots of fun! Sale of 1500

Christmas trees starting in November.

AND a Banquet/Social with auction

items during the annual Winterfest held in the Community.

(Great Presence)

The North Branch Club is involved in

Youth Exchange with an Inbound and

Outbound students. Valentina from

Chile is attending the North Branch

High School and staying with Bob and Jeanne Walz.

The club meeting was held at the Lake State

Credit Union boardroom. The catering is

rotated between several restaurants in the

community, providing for a variety of foods and

supporting many business establishments. (Best

Practice) If you have a meeting at a different,

non-restaurant facility, use as many businesses

as possible to show visibility in the community.

David Nordberg and Frank Gomes,with potential new

member Susie Brooks.

Becky giving new member Dennis Bakken


October 15, 2015: Stillwater Rotary

The President of the Stillwater Rotary Club is John Rheinberger, who believes Rotary clubs

should create a smorgasbord of opportunities for all members. He states, “If a club had a

cafeteria of events/projects where members can sample and taste it, they will become engaged and

involved. Rotary should be viewed as a “Chapter of LIFE”.

The club’s vision is: “We are a vibrant, inclusive club that demonstrates a passion for “Service

Above Self”. To remain a vibrant club means we must seek our new members and engage in service

projects that allow us to communicate the value of service to all in our community”. That is what

Rotary is about.

My visit with the Leadership Team (shown below) clearly identified why members stay in this


Some of the comments included:

I was in a bigger club and when I came to this club, there was a world of difference. The

collegiality and friendships were the difference. No comparison”

“I came because I was told to come- I stayed because of friendships.”

“We are a club that is alive and it spills our into the community through service projects”

“I didn’t know what Rotary was about, BUT I knew it was important”.

Some BEST PRACTICES of the Stillwater Rotary Club include:

1. Presentation of the Henry “Hank” Sampson Memorial Award to an active Stillwater

Rotary member who provides exceptional “service above self”.

2. Collaborated with the Woodbury and Stillwater Sunrise Club to raise money to help

Washington County’s homeless youth population. As a result, they collectively raised

over $18,000.

3. Fundraiser includes the “TASTE of STILLWATER” held at the end of January at the

Lowell Inn. Typical proceeds are around $30,000. The local restaurants are in

competition with each other to be the BEST! Each year a SPOTLIGHT organization is

chosen. (i.e. Education Foundation) The spotlight is asked to participate and have a

presence at the event, with the purpose of highlighting the beneficiaries and involving

more people in the fundraising process.

Bill Turnblad, Kathy Elbert, John Lennes, John Rheinberger, DG Marlene, Shelley

Pearson, Molly O'Rourke, Keith Komro, Nathan Pearson, and Doug Brady.

Next Week’s Visits:

October 21: Princeton Rotary

October 22: St. Paul Sunrise Rotary

Janesville Rotary

We are challenged by this theme: it is a call to action, a directive of service, an order to

follow, a course to lay down, and a quest to pursue!

Join me during this exciting Rotary year to honor our journey together. Our time is short; it is

fleeting already. We have just 8.5 MONTHS to respond to this challenge.

This is our Time